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Enterprise Asset Management and Fleet Maintenance Software

Fleet Maintenance Software

Manage the entire maintenance ecosystem around your fleet assets from one centralized system.

Enterprise Asset Management

Oversee the maintenance of your assets and facilities at every step in the workflow.

Maintenance software: The elevator pitch

Introducing, Cetaris Fix

Our next-generation product is here! Cetaris Fix is a mobile work order app designed to simplify the technician experience. 

  • Manage work orders from any device
  • Update part and labor information on the go
  • Boost productivity with advanced part prediction tools 
  • Enhance collaboration with tools to share messages and photo across teams
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Robust Warranty Tracking

See a timely return on investment with powerful warranty tracking and intelligent analytics that gauge the value of your extended warranties, and capture detailed metrics on component failures.

  • Gain built-in alerts for warrantable parts and labor
  • Track failures for policy and chronic failure warranty
  • Access comprehensive warranty metrics
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Optimized Labor and Productivity

Our simplified technician’s dashboard allows your shop floor to get to work without the complex training requirements. Create efficient labor practices, reduce waste, and exceed safety and compliance.

  • Meet safety and compliance standards
  • Diagnose the issue using detailed asset spec information
  • Systematize parts and standardize repairs
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Accurate Data for High-impact Reporting

Powerful data storytelling that allows you to visualize organizational trends, identify workflow improvement opportunities, develop cost reduction strategies, and drive fact-based decision-making.

  • Convert big data sets into at-a-glance visualizations  
  • Manage by exception with built-in system alerts
  • Discover your data story by building your own reports
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Cutting-edge Emissions Management

Measure, analyze, and manage emissions output to lessen the impact of changing regulations while reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Track fuel usage to measure reductions in emissions
  • Measure emissions to indicate carbon footprint
  • Improve maintenance to optimize emissions performance
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The Extra Mile

Cleaner maintenance. Cleaner world.

A sharper maintenance process can be the impetus behind energy intensity and emissions reductions, leaner part and asset inventories, an improved waste reduction strategy, and a paperless future. A better maintenance program benefits your business’s ecosystem, and our planet’s. Learn more about our Greenhouse Gas module.

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