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Versatile maintenance solutions for your world

Cetaris Fleet and Cetaris Fixed Asset provide solutions to a breadth of challenges in the world of fleet and fixed asset maintenance management. View a high-level summary of our solutions as they relate to maintenance, warranty, data, analytics and reporting, and system integration.


Cetaris EAM solutions have a track record of optimizing customer maintenance practices while growing their bottom line. Increase warranty reimbursements, improve equipment reliability and extend asset life cycles, improve workflows, and strengthen data accuracy. Capture technical data in high-impact reports and visualizations.

Accelerate your fleet and fixed asset maintenance with Cetaris

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See a timely return on investment with powerful warranty tracking and intelligent analytics that gauge the value of your extended warranties, and capture detailed metrics on component failures.

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Data, Analytics, and Reporting

Process data using advanced statistical methods, and transform large datasets into visual reports. Select your preferred dimensions and visualization types. Roll up data to capture high-level data stories, or drill into every last detail. Create customizable reports that matter to your team.

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System Integration

An effective EAM maintenance application integrates with all your enterprise apps. Our product seamlessly integrates with your existing operation technologies so your system reflects the current state of your operation.

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