Fleet Maintenance Software

Drive better maintenance with Cetaris Fleet

Cetaris Fleet provides teams with the tools they need to measure, monitor, and optimize their maintenance operations.


  • Gain your ROI

    Increase warranty and core capture while streamlining part, labor, and fuel costs.

  • Improve safety and compliance

    Implement PM scheduling to keep assets safe and compliant while equipping technicians with standard safety procedures at the asset

  • Manage with better data accuracy

    Capture clean, accurate data with built-in VMRS support.

  • Bolster corporate decision-making with data science

    Access reports, pivot tables, dashboard and KPIs built to help you manage by exception.

  • Gain better asset reliability and extend life cycles

    Automate PM scheduling and refine the repair process with spec information at the asset

  • Reduce emissions with cutting-edge greenhouse gas reporting

    Track, analyze, and reduce carbon emissions to understand carbon footprint

Accelerate your maintenance operations with Cetaris

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Maintenance that moves you

Cetaris Fleet helps world-class companies of all sizes to achieve the best maintenance practices in the industry. Improve equipment reliability, extend vehicle life cycles, optimize workflows, drive better data accuracy, and capture technical data in simple, visual reports.

  • Achieve ROI with warranty reimbursements
  • Increase service replacement warranty on parts
  • Meet safety and compliance standards
  • Increase asset availability and extend asset life cycles
  • Increase labor productivity using codified standard repairs
  • Forecast future trends with predictive analytics
  • Manage by exception with customizable user dashboards
  • Benchmark against past performance and best practices reports
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Boost your bottom line with warranty reimbursements

Track Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty agreements and flag warrantable parts and assets directly from the work order. Use detailed metrics on failure patterns to increase OEM accountability. Access reports that measure the efficacy of warranty agreements to bolster decision-making on future warranty purchases.

  • Reduce owning and operating costs with OEM reimbursements
  • Increase service parts warranty reimbursements
  • Centralize warranty claim documentation
  • Track chronic repairs that occur outside of warranty
  • Track missed warranties
  • Expedite supplier payments with aged trial balance reports
  • Gauge the value of your warranties and extended warranties
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Tell your story in data

Access a variety of reporting solutions that help you view your data spread and standard deviation metrics to clearly understand your operations at a glance. Simple data visualizations help you understand the current state of operations and your future critical path with predictive analytics. Capture high-level data stories, while maintaining the ability to drill into every last detail. Take advantage of industry standard KPIs, or build your own reports using the dimensions that matter most to you.

  • Create your own flexible, interactive data reports
  • Manage by metrics to support evidence-based decision making
  • Prove ROI with warranty reporting
  • Forecast future trends and performance
  • Improve workforce management and resource allocation
  • Understand your failures by timeline
  • Filter data by permissions for each user
  • Localize language and currency
  • Maintain data accuracy with strong built-in system validation
  • Access high-performance SSAS, SSIS, and OLAP reporting
  • Track carbon, PM₁₀, PM₂.₅, NOx, and black carbon emissions
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Thousands of seamless system integration opportunities

We understand that an effective EAM Maintenance software talks to your other enterprise apps. Our .NET integration solution allows our product to seamlessly integrate with your existing operation technologies to eliminate information silos across your software applications.

  • Increase productivity and data accuracy with automation
  • Reduce manual reconciliation and manual data entry
  • Run with high-velocity response times
  • Experience healthy integration data
  • Understand integration transaction status with error reporting
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Drive Better Maintenance

Cetaris has been trusted by top transportation companies of all sizes for over 30 years. But don't take our word for it, try it yourself today.

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