Oil and Gas

Maintenance solutions for the oil and gas industry

Cetaris is an EAM solution for the oil and gas industry that focuses on the maintenance and life cycle management of fleet and fixed assets. Track the maintenance of all your assets including tractors, auxiliary engines, pumps, drilling rigs, support equipment, and more. Our systems help industry-leading oil and gas companies to powerfully impact all levels of their business  —  labor, safety and compliance, parts and procurement, IT, and accounting. Empower your ideal critical path with real-time, detailed information about performance and costs.

  • Meet oil and gas safety and compliance requirements

    Understand accidents and document preventive actions and policies

  • Increase revenue 

    Empower better warranty capture and increased asset availability

  • Increase profitability

    Quote your clients based on accurate asset operating cost data and warranty capture

  • Implement accurate production schedules

    Plan confidently with high asset reliability

  • Require fewer assets

    Improving asset availability while forecasting and reducing component failures 

  • Reduce cost

    Increase labor productivity and efficiency by analyzing and benchmarking your performance

  • Prevent breakdowns

    Leverage systematized PM scheduling

  • Maintain your optimum parts inventory

    Balance inventory cost and parts availability

  • Promote operational budget accuracy

    Increase visibility of financial data

  • Optimize capital budget accuracy

    Plan asset investment and decommissioning based on factual data

  • Reduce capital requirements

    Increase residual value of your assets

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