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Introducing, Cetaris Fix

Cetaris Fix is a productivity tool for technicians on-the-go. Designed to simplify the technician experience, reduce costs, and optimize your operations.

What is Cetaris Fix?

Make it mobile

Designed for any iOS or Android mobile device, so your team can get as far away from the desk as they want.

  • Simplify workflows with automated task tracking
  • Decrease travel and training time
  • Improve wrench hours
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Manage your shop floor

Oversee the shop floor with live reports on productivity. Identify process improvements that increase wrench time and reduce asset downtimes.

  • Set deadlines and prioritize tasks to optimize workflows
  • Decrease downtime between tasks with pre-assigned work
  • Gain real-time insights through at-a-glance reports
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Gain a clear line-of-sight into your shop floor

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Simplified Maintenance, Wherever You Are.

  • Increase time on task

    Digital task tracking helps your techs focus on the work in front of them.

  • Oversee productivity

    With a constant flow of data, you can visualize time on task to manage productivity in real-time.

  • Manage safety and compliance

    Flag assets with safety-related alerts and lockouts.

  • Align your team

    The device's camera integration allows your team to collaborate by attaching photos of parts, assets, and users.

  • Simplify labor workflows

    Clock-on in the click of a button, and get straight to work without complex training requirements.

  • Keep your data secure

    Data protection is built in to the design of Cetaris Fix, with hosting over SSL (HTTPS) protocol, data encryption, and a user login that employs 2048 bit SSL and SHA 256 bit cipher keys.

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